Highlander/Historical romance / 07/09/2022 | 04:37

To Yield to a Highlander (The Sutherlands of Dornoch Castle Book 3)by Callie Hutton

This could be the best mistake of his life… Laird Duncan Grant doesn’t want his neighboring clans, the MacIntoshes and the MacPhersons, to form an alliance by the planned marriage between their offspring. It would make for a dangerous situation for his clan. Since he is in need of a wife, he

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Highlander/Historical romance / 07/02/2022 | 02:59

The Highlander Takes a Bride (Highland Brides 3) by Lynsay Sands

Sword fighting, swearing, and riding astride come naturally to Saidh Buchanan. Simpering and holding her tongue—definitely not.

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Highlander/Historical romance / 06/24/2022 | 03:19

To Marry a Highlander (The Sutherlands of Dornoch Castle 2) by Callie Hutton

He didn't mean for them to get caught. . . Conall Sutherland, younger brother and right-hand man to Haydon, the laird of the Sutherland Clan, is happy with his life. Or was until recently. He'd never felt the pull of marriage, since he enjoys the company of the wenches who offer him room in their

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Highlander/Historical romance / 06/18/2022 | 02:19

To Marry a Scottish Laird (Highland Brides 2) by Lynsay Sands

Highlander Campbell Sinclair is no stranger to battle, so when he sees a lad attacked by bandits, he jumps into the fray. He didn't count on being stabbed. Grateful to the boy for nursing him back to health, Cam offers to accompany Jo safely to his destination. But when he accidentally comes across

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Highlander/Historical romance / 05/24/2022 | 03:59

To Deceive a Highlander (The Sutherlands of Dornoch Castle 1 ) by Callie Hutton

He married the wrong sister. . . or did he?

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Highlander/Historical romance / 05/09/2022 | 02:04

An English Bride in Scotland (The Highland Brides 1) by Lynsay Sands

Annabel was about to take the veil to become a nun when her mother suddenly arrives at the Abbey to take her home… so that she can marry the Scottish laird who is betrothed to her runaway sister!

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Highlander/Historical romance / 05/01/2022 | 03:02

The Hellion and the Highlander ( Devil of the Highlands 3 ) by Lynsay Sands

Only one man could set her heart ablaze . . . Lady Averill Mortagne learned to control her fierce temper as a young girl. But if her father insists on parading her before one more English lord who looks askance at her flame-colored hair, she'll simply scream!

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Highlander/Historical romance / 04/08/2022 | 03:52

Taming the Highland Bride (Devil of the Highlands 2) by Lynsay Sands

She was ready to let her heart run wild . . . Merry Stewart has had enough! Enough of her brothers, whose behavior would make even the most improper lady blush. Enough of their Highland home, which would surely have fallen to ruin were it not for her. She dreams of escaping into the arms of her bet

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Highlander/Historical romance / 03/02/2022 | 02:36

Highland Honor (Murray Family 2) Hannah Howell

Nigel Murray saw through her masquerade from the first: a young woman trying to pass herself off as a page. It almost worked -- until she was unmasked in battle with the English, at the point of a sword.

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Highlander/Historical romance / 02/18/2022 | 04:26

The Chief (Highland Guard 1) by Monica McCarty

Scouring the darkest corners of the Highlands and Western Isles, Robert the Bruce handpicks ten warriors to help him in his quest to free Scotland from English rule. They are the best of the best, chosen for their superior skills in each discipline of warfare. And to lead his secret Highland Guard,

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