Highlander/Historical romance / 04/18/2023 | 03:03

Fallen (The Sisters of Kilbride 3) by Jayne Castel

Sister Coira has a secret. She once worked in a brothel and was the favorite plaything of the MacKinnon clan-chief. But since fleeing the hardship of her old life, she has made a new one for herself—as a nun. Unfortunately, the past has a way of catching up with you. Coira's new identity is put

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Highlander/Historical romance / 03/21/2023 | 02:57

To Conquer a Highlander (Highlander 1 )by Mary Wine

A fierce Highland laird ready to kill for king and country... When Torin McLeren discovers his neighbor's plot against his king, he takes their daughter as his prisoner, thereby stopping her father's plot from going forward. But that leaves him with a woman under his roof whom he can't ignore, an

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Highlander/Historical romance / 02/24/2023 | 04:02

Sutton's Spinster (The Sinful Suttons 1) by Scarlett Scott

Jasper Sutton, London’s most dedicated scoundrel, needs a wife. He needs one quickly. He needs one yesterday, in fact. His requirements are precise. She has to be capable of mothering the wild twin daughters who have unexpectedly appeared in his life. She must also possess the patience of a saint

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Highlander/Historical romance / 09/22/2022 | 02:37

Awoken (The Sisters of Kilbride 2) by Jayne Castel

Leanna MacDonald never wanted to become a nun—but it was the only way her father could protect her from the attentions of a cruel man who wanted her as his wife. However, when Leanna’s father unexpectedly dies, her recently widowed former suitor decides he will have her no matter the cost.

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Highlander/Historical romance / 09/05/2022 | 03:36

The Bride Says No (The Brides of Wishmore 1) by Cathy Maxwell

Lady Aileen never thought she’d be in this position—falling in love with her sister’s betrothed! Of course, her sister did run away rather than marry him, and he doesn’t seem to be all that interested in her sister either, but even so, such a match is impossible...isn’t it?

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Highlander/Historical romance / 08/16/2022 | 02:47

Angel of Skye (MacPherson Clan 1) by May McGoldrick

Fiona does not remember the years before she came to the priory on the Isle of Skye. Only the gentle Prioress knows the truth about the spirited, red-haired lass's true birth. So it is in a simple cowl and peasant's dress that she emerges from the island's mists and faces the famed warrior chief of

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Highlander/Historical romance / 07/09/2022 | 04:37

To Yield to a Highlander (The Sutherlands of Dornoch Castle Book 3)by Callie Hutton

This could be the best mistake of his life… Laird Duncan Grant doesn’t want his neighboring clans, the MacIntoshes and the MacPhersons, to form an alliance by the planned marriage between their offspring. It would make for a dangerous situation for his clan. Since he is in need of a wife, he

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Highlander/Historical romance / 07/02/2022 | 02:59

The Highlander Takes a Bride (Highland Brides 3) by Lynsay Sands

Sword fighting, swearing, and riding astride come naturally to Saidh Buchanan. Simpering and holding her tongue—definitely not.

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Highlander/Historical romance / 06/24/2022 | 03:19

To Marry a Highlander (The Sutherlands of Dornoch Castle 2) by Callie Hutton

He didn't mean for them to get caught. . . Conall Sutherland, younger brother and right-hand man to Haydon, the laird of the Sutherland Clan, is happy with his life. Or was until recently. He'd never felt the pull of marriage, since he enjoys the company of the wenches who offer him room in their

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Highlander/Historical romance / 06/18/2022 | 02:19

To Marry a Scottish Laird (Highland Brides 2) by Lynsay Sands

Highlander Campbell Sinclair is no stranger to battle, so when he sees a lad attacked by bandits, he jumps into the fray. He didn't count on being stabbed. Grateful to the boy for nursing him back to health, Cam offers to accompany Jo safely to his destination. But when he accidentally comes across

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