Contemporary romance / 09/08/2023 | 03:48

Staking His Claim by Lynda Chance

Twenty-one-year-old Elaina Ruiz has only just begun college when she meets Raul Vega for the first time. Recognizing his ruthless intensity for what it is, she doesn't correct him when he assumes she is an eighteen-year-old freshman.

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Contemporary romance / 08/22/2023 | 02:31

Principessa of Chicago (The Rocchetti Dynasty 2) by Bree Porter

In the outskirts of Chicago, there lives a royal family who have evil running through their blood and darkness in their souls. And now, they are at war.

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Contemporary romance / 06/29/2023 | 03:28

The Bloody Bride (The Rocchetti Dynasty 1) by Bree Porter

In between the towering skyscrapers of the Windy City, there lives a dark underworld where loyalty, violence and blood are all that matters. Sophia always knew her marriage would be arranged and out of her hands, but when her husband-to-be is nonother than the notorious Alessandro 'The Godless' R

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Contemporary romance / 06/24/2023 | 04:22

Cranky Pants (Pick-up Lines 1) by Kayt Miller

Maggy Fitzgerald is happy. She works at her best friend’s flower shop with the full knowledge that this is probably as good as its going to get. That is until that same friend talks her into going out to a biker bar so they can "live on the wild side" for a night.

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Contemporary romance / 04/16/2023 | 04:09

The Summer I Loved You (A Love for All Seasons 1) by J.L. Lora

The truth just hit them like a wrecking ball. Can two stubborn souls turn explosive chemistry into a lasting romance? Cameron Blake is seething. With his selfish parents still trying to force him back into a box, it’s taking all the retired baseball superstar’s inborn grit to focus on his cre

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Contemporary romance / 03/30/2023 | 03:59

The Mistress Mistake by Lynda Chance

Jessica Conway is at the end of her rope. She desperately needs a few things that her moral values can't buy: food, shelter, a chance for a better life.

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Contemporary romance / 03/17/2023 | 02:17

Tempt Me (The Macintyre Brothers 1) by S.E. Lund

I thought my life was all mapped out – marriage to my very ambitious fiancé, a career in business writing and a family. Then I found my husband-to-be in the middle of more than just dictation with his nubile young 'sexretary' Bunni. That's Bunni with an 'i' just so we're clear. Brokenhearted,

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Contemporary romance / 03/14/2023 | 03:04

Return of the Rancher by Janice Maynard

Will the fiery connection between a wealthy rancher and his ex-wife go up in flames again? He let her go once. Will his secrets tear them apart again?

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Contemporary romance / 03/11/2023 | 03:31

Best Kase Scenario (Hyde 2) by Layla Frost |

Contradictions... Tall and short. Inked and unmarked. Golden and porcelain. Soft dreads and wild red. Dark and… darker.

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Contemporary romance / 02/19/2023 | 04:49

Montana Sunset (Montana Sunset 1 ) by Lietha Wards |

Meagan was running from her mother and stepfather, trying to stay invisible, but when she ended up working as a groom on a cattle ranch, she caught the attention of Adam Wightman. Although she was deeply attracted to him, she just couldn't get involved for secrets of her own.

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