Contemporary romance / 03/17/2023 | 02:17

Tempt Me (The Macintyre Brothers 1) by S.E. Lund

I thought my life was all mapped out – marriage to my very ambitious fiancé, a career in business writing and a family. Then I found my husband-to-be in the middle of more than just dictation with his nubile young 'sexretary' Bunni. That's Bunni with an 'i' just so we're clear. Brokenhearted,

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Contemporary romance / 03/14/2023 | 03:04

Return of the Rancher by Janice Maynard

Will the fiery connection between a wealthy rancher and his ex-wife go up in flames again? He let her go once. Will his secrets tear them apart again?

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Contemporary romance / 03/11/2023 | 03:31

Best Kase Scenario (Hyde 2) by Layla Frost |

Contradictions... Tall and short. Inked and unmarked. Golden and porcelain. Soft dreads and wild red. Dark and… darker.

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Contemporary romance / 02/19/2023 | 04:49

Montana Sunset (Montana Sunset 1 ) by Lietha Wards |

Meagan was running from her mother and stepfather, trying to stay invisible, but when she ended up working as a groom on a cattle ranch, she caught the attention of Adam Wightman. Although she was deeply attracted to him, she just couldn't get involved for secrets of her own.

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Contemporary romance / 10/18/2022 | 02:39

The Castle (Endgame 3) by Skye Warren

I’m safe in the ivory tower Gabriel Miller made for me. That’s what he says. Enemies lurk outside, waiting to strike. An army of enemies held back by these walls.

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Contemporary romance / 09/04/2022 | 02:05

The Knight (Endgame 2) by Skye Warren

The power of pleasure... Gabriel Miller took everything from me. My family. My innocence. My home.

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Contemporary romance / 09/01/2022 | 02:47

The Cattle Baron's Reluctant Mistress by Lietha Wards

Leah was trying her best to help her father's meagre ranch survive the drought, but without the neighbor's help it seemed impossible.

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Contemporary romance / 08/26/2022 | 03:20

The Sweetest Oblivion (Made 1) by Danielle Lori

She’s a romantic at heart, living in the most unromantic of worlds . . . Nicknamed Sweet Abelli for her docile nature, Elena smiles on cue and has a charming response for everything. She’s the favored daughter, the perfect mafia principessa . . . or was. Now, all she can see in the mirror’

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Contemporary romance / 07/05/2022 | 02:40

Luca Vitiello (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles 0) by Cora Reilly

I was born a monster. Cruelty ran in my veins like poison. It ran in the veins of every Vitiello man, passed on from father to son, an endless spiral of monstrosity. A born monster shaped into an even worse monster by my father’s blade and fists and harsh words.

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Contemporary romance / 06/26/2022 | 04:01

His Dirty Promises (Dirty Billionaires 2) by Fiona Murphy

Dante Sabatini. Billionaire, manwhore extraordinaire—and my new next-door neighbor. Two years ago, my sister married his brother. Over the years I’ve heard all about him and seen his pictures everywhere, yet between me away in school and Dante’s hectic… ahem, “social life,” we keep missi

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