Mail-order bride/Western romance / 05/17/2024 | 03:09

Mail Order Mayhem (Brides of Beckham 1) by Kirsten Osbourne

When Maude is told she must marry a repulsive man, she instead responds to an Iowa farmer who is looking for a mail order bride.

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Mail-order bride/Western romance / 05/17/2024 | 03:04

Rafe's Redemption by Jennifer Jakes

He rode into town to buy supplies, not a woman. For hunted recluse Rafe McBride, the raven-haired beauty on the auction block is exactly what he doesn't need. A dependent woman will be another clue his vengeful stepbrother can use to find and kill him.

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Mail-order bride/Western romance / 04/30/2024 | 03:47

The Most Unsuitable Wife (Kincaids 1) by Caroline Clemmons

Wanted: one completely improper bride. Even if Drake Kincaid had placed such an advertisement in every paper in the country, he couldn't have found a better candidate than Pearl Parker...which is fine with him. After all, his parents' will stipulates only that he marry by his thirtieth birthday,

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Mail-order bride/Western romance / 04/30/2024 | 03:43

Lucky Penny (Coulter Historicals, 4) by Catherine Anderson

To support her orphaned niece, impoverished Brianna O'Keefe accepts work with a Colorado rancher. To guard herself from the unwanted attention, she resorts to a harmless little lie: that she's married to a Denver gold miner named David Paxton. When her boss forces her to write her "husband," hopin

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Mail-order bride/Western romance / 04/11/2024 | 03:29

Discovering Daisy ( Loterry Brides 2 ) by Lacey Thorn

Sometimes fate shows us happiness when we least expect it. Daisy is lost when the sheriff finds her surrounded by the bodie of three men. She holds her sister in her arms, shattered at the death that took her only relative away from her.

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Mail-order bride/Western romance / 02/28/2024 | 03:10

Summer Moon by Jill Marie Landis

RANCHER SEEKING WIFE. For Kate Whittington, the modest words of a newspaper ad are the answer to her desperate prayers. Daughter of a dockside harlot and raised in a bleak orphanage, she has no prospects in the unforgiving Maine village of her birth. Correspondence from the lonely Texas widower look

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Mail-order bride/Western romance / 02/25/2024 | 05:01

Cowboy Crazy (The Dalton Boys 1) by Em Petrova

Five brides for five brothers…at least that’s the deal the Daltons have struck with their boys. Each son must marry in order to inherit a piece of the ranch they love so much. Hank Dalton yearns to run his own spread, but more than that, he longs for a woman to call his own. Paradise Valley i

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Mail-order bride/Western romance / 01/28/2024 | 04:17

Silver Lining by Maggie Osborne

As scruffy and rootless as the other prospectors searching for gold in the Rockies, Low Down wanted nothing in return for nursing a raggedy bunch through the pox. But when pressed to reveal her heart's wish, she admits, "I want a baby." Not a husband, not a forced marriage to the proud man who drew

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Mail-order bride/Western romance / 08/04/2023 | 02:59

Early Dawn by Catherine Anderson

After breaking off their engagement, Eden Paxton's fiance spreads so many rumors about her that she is forced to leave San Francisco. Her pride bruised, an angry Eden heads for the wilds of Colorado to live with her half brothers. But murderous outlaws cut the trip short when they kidnap her, intend

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Mail-order bride/Western romance / 07/11/2023 | 03:39

Simply Love by Catherine Anderson

Even the hardest heart can be softened by love ... Cassandra Zerek is a true innocent in a wild and dangerous place -- but her indomitable spirit and gentle soul make her stronger than anyone suspects.

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