To Yield to a Highlander (The Sutherlands of Dornoch Castle Book 3)by Callie Hutton

This could be the best mistake of his life… Laird Duncan Grant doesn’t want his neighboring clans, the MacIntoshes and the MacPhersons, to form an alliance by the planned marriage between their offspring. It would make for a dangerous situation for his clan. Since he is in need of a wife, he decides to seize the bride on her way to the wedding and keep her for himself. But he takes the wrong lass.

Lady Elsbeth Johnstone is tired of living in her twin sister’s shadow. She loves her dearly, but it is time for her to have her own life. With no prospects for marriage, she decides a convent in Perth is the place for her.
In the dead of night on her trek to Perth, she is dragged away from her escort by a band of men who think she is someone else. Furious at how her life is now out of her control again, she demands Laird Grant bring her to the convent in Perth.
Angry at the mistake he made, he agrees, but he can’t help but wonder if he could tame the spirited lass and convince her to stay.
After all, he is in need of a wife.