To Marry a Highlander (The Sutherlands of Dornoch Castle 2) by Callie Hutton

He didn't mean for them to get caught. . . Conall Sutherland, younger brother and right-hand man to Haydon, the laird of the Sutherland Clan, is happy with his life. Or was until recently. He'd never felt the pull of marriage, since he enjoys the company of the wenches who offer him room in their beds. Lately, however, things just don't seem right.

Maura Mac Ewan, Conall's distant cousin, has always had a fancy for him, but aware of his reputation with the lasses, she never encouraged him, fearing a broken heart. When the two are caught alone, in the dark, in each other’s arms, it doesn’t matter that it was innocent. Her father and brothers give them no choice.


Maura’s hope for wedded bliss wavers when the many lasses at the keep who had spent time in her new husband's bed begin to harass her and cause her trouble. They try their best to make her miserable, flirting openly with Conall. Can she be certain that her husband has given up his libertine ways? Or is she doomed to spend her life with a man she can never trust? Then things get worse. . .