The Rocchetti Queen (The Rocchetti Dynasty  3) by Bree Porter

In the shadow of a metropolis, there lives a dynasty that is tearing apart at the very seams...After the sudden brutal death that shook the Chicago Outfit to the core, the balance of the Rocchetti family has never been so unstable. Not only is each Rocchetti determined to gain more power for themselves, but their enemies are also gunning for the organisation.

Sophia Rocchetti is struggling through early motherhood, while also dealing with her family's turmoil. Along with her husband, Alessandro 'The Godless' Rocchetti, the two are forced to go to lengths they never thought themselves capable of in order to ensure their family's survival. With opponents at every corner, Sophia must use everything she has and everything she has learnt to ensure her reign over Chicago. Will she succeed or will the Rocchetti Dynasty finally come to an end? 
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