Sweet Torture (Wild Hawks MC 2) by K.S. Ellis

BRUISER Ever since I patched in to the Wild Hawks MC, I’ve done exactly what they’ve told me to do. I’ve hurt who they told me to hurt, and killed who they told me to kill. But I can’t hurt her. Wren Herschel is the only person alive who likes looking me in the eye. How am I supposed to ever look away?

All my life my father has shown me nothing but pain, and now, because of him, I’m the prisoner of a vicious one percenter motorcycle club. They sent their enforcer to make me hurt, but all he has ever done has made me feel alive. Everyone else may see Bruiser, but I just see Griffin Esk. He might be the monster everyone says he is, but he’s my monster and I’d do anything to get to stay with him.

As obstacle after obstacle is thrown at them, can these two damaged souls come together and prevail? Or are some things just not meant to be?