Saving His Princess (Dragons Fury MC 1) by M.T. Ossler

She was too young and too good for me; that's what I always thought...I am Giovanni, and I am a part of the Dragons Fury MC. I am a part of the famiglia but never accepted, at least not as someone worthy of being with Bella. She is young and vibrant, a strong old soul, and the most beautiful young woman on Earth. But she is forbidden. So, I must leave and forget about her, until, one day, she needs me. She needs me because there is a vicious plot against her family by another man that wants her. A monster worse than I could ever be. So, I will save my princess, and just maybe, she will think i am worthy of having her.

I’m the Mafia’s Princess and have whatever I desire except for the man I love. He left me a long time ago.
I’m a shell of a woman. I struggle to make it through each day since he left me. Since he left I haven’t felt whole.
I’ve loved Gio since I was five years old. He may be older than me, and my brother’s best friend, but my heart and soul was his from the day I was born.
The day he left me, I pledge to be alone for the rest of my life. I have my family, my friends and my career that’s enough.
Then the monster comes for me and hurts me in the worst way imaginable. Now I’m broken and have me baby sister to care for alone. I don’t know how I’ll survive all this pain.
My knight comes back and saves me when I need him the most and helps put back the pieces of my broken life back together.
The second my eyes meet his, I know our lives will never be the same, and I will never let him leave me again.