Montana Sunset (Montana Sunset 1 ) by Lietha Wards |

Meagan was running from her mother and stepfather, trying to stay invisible, but when she ended up working as a groom on a cattle ranch, she caught the attention of Adam Wightman. Although she was deeply attracted to him, she just couldn't get involved for secrets of her own.

Adam came from a long line of cowboys. He was unyeilding, handsome, rich and didn't care about much of anything besides business and his family. He worked hard and expected nothing but the best from his employees.
Then his lead hand hired Meagan. He'd tried to convince himself that she was no different than the other women in his life. Women that he used only to his satisfaction, but she wasn't. She was beautiful and he wanted her, only she wasn't too keen despite his constant pursuit. Still, what Adam wanted, he got.