Diablo (Fire & Hell MC) by Belle Winters

He wasn’t my type. Definitely wasn’t the kind of man I normally went for. I didn’t have a type, let’s be honest here… I never go for any men. I’ve got my reasons. This man… this … man – I don’t know his name but to me, he’s Mr. sexy. Who is he? What does he want? And why do I crave him? A woman should never want a man in this way. He did things to me with just his eyes that made me feel caressed all over. What would it be like to actually be with a man like him?

He likes to watch me dance.
I like it when he watches me dance.
This silent unreadable man, that has to be the sexiest person I’ve ever seen is making me crazy.
He hasn’t ever even spoken a word to me.
Everything about him screams danger and to go the other way. It was one of the things that just kept pulling me closer and closer to him.
I need to run, but he’s like quicksand and I can’t get away not that I really wanted to.
Will I get to find out what it’s like to actually be with a man – this man? Or will it just be a fantasy?