A Girl Worth Fighting For (Uncontrolled Heroes 1) by K.L. Donn

Cade Larrabee is…done. Done with love. Done with women. Done with basically any and everything that isn't his kids or his bike shop. After their mom decided she was done with family life, Cade knew where his focus should be.

In need of childcare, and someone to help around the house, Cade goes in search of a nanny. One who is as plain as Jane but can be compassionate enough to handle Mac–a boy who keeps acting out–and Lily–his sweet girl who needs a woman’s touch.
Petal Davies proves to be the perfect nanny. The perfect friend. The perfect…everything. Not only does she put up with his cranky attitude, but she gives it right back to him.
Petal shows Cade day after day, time and again that not only is she the perfect woman for him, she’d be the perfect mom to his kids, and she’s mostly certainly A Girl Worth Fighting For.
Falling in love isn’t always planned and when you least expect it, your heart decides for you. Come on over to Long Beach, California to find out who falls in love, who gets naughty on the beach and if family truly is everything.